The Villa

Pleyadi was built with the passion of Massimo & Luana for nature and for what it communicates ...


Pleyadi is the ideal venue for your every special moment, leaving you the freedom to choose the c ...


Pleyadi space is also suitable to organize meetings and business presentations. The structure o ...

The Villa

Pleyadi was built with the passion of Massimo & Luana for nature and for what it communicates its beautiful simplicity and essence.
With this philosophy they start their project that led to the creation of Pleyadi, a location that - from the ancient greek name - wants to be the reference point for your most special moments.
Choosing Pleyadi as your location you will be sure not to get lost in an ocean of proposals unsatisfactory, and you will find a place of peace and tranquility where you can organize your events in the strictest confidence and freedom.
Pleyadi love nature and merges into it, it was designed by making sustainable design choices, relying on the use of better techniques for bio-architecture and the most innovative green building materials.
With these assumptions Pleyadi offers you a space of 140 sqm in the heart of Chianti, surrounded by 10,000 square meters of greenery and a small forest that crowns this little corner of paradise. From this privileged location you can enjoy a unique pointo of view that stretches from the Apennines, Abetone, until the Casentino.
A beautiful terrace overlooking this wonderful view opens through a short flight of steps of a large swimming pool surrounded by greenery that makes the Pleyadi Locations truly perfect!

Location Style

The interiors were made ​​of Total White wood Style, elegant and non-invasive, which marry harmoniously with the original architectural elements, which are typical of Tuscan farmhouses. In the philosophy which characterizes the choices of the owners, the interior has been designed in order to facilitate the organization of each type of event, trying to reach out to a modern taste, but who respected the traditions of the building itself.
Pleyadi will be the perfect setting for your event: a party, a fashion show, a business meeting or an art exhibition, a special dinner, a birthday party ... giving you the opportunity to prepare and furnish spaces, according to your wishes and needs, so that everything is unique and perfect as you imagined.

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